6 Authentic Souvenirs from Switzerland You Need to Buy for Your Colleagues

Going back home after an amazing trip in Switzerland and don’t know what to bring back? Don’t worry, the country offers 6 perfect and unique souvenirs that will fill up your suitcase perfectly.

Deciding what to bring back home from Switzerland can be tricky sometimes, especially if you have to bring the gifts for your colleagues. Means that you need a quite large space for everything to fit in (because your colleagues won’t be only one or two).

Well, whether you’re coming back home or maybe planning to go in the next few months, just let you know and take notes, here are 9 essential souvenirs from Switzerland to buy. Keep on reading to find out!

All Things Swiss: What Souvenirs to Buy and Bring Back Home from Switzerland?

Everything in European countries are pretty pricey so it’s natural to be choosy when it comes to souvenirs shopping. Check the list of must-buy souvenirs from Switzerland below so you won’t spend too much on unnecessary things.

1. Chocolate

Souvenirs from Switzerland_blog_Swiss chocolate

Chocolate is one of the best yet simplest things to bring back home from Switzerland. Besides, their chocolates are really good! No one could deny that some of the world’s best chocolates are from Swiss chocolatiers. Who doesn’t know Lindt or Nestle, anyways?

Those two worldwide brands are just an example of how good the quality and taste of local Swiss chocolates are. They even have some flavors that you can only find it in Switzerland! You can get it at the supermarket and some chocolate shops.

It’s nice to bring chocolate as souvenirs, but we wouldn’t blame you if you kept it all to yourself. Because we also probably will 😉

2. Knife

You may have heard about the famous Swiss army knife, now why don’t you buy this while you’re in the country it was named for? Some of these handy little knife fits into your pocket, and makes it a good Swiss souvenir to bring home.

Swiss knife is a useful tool to repair anything needed. It comes in a range of sizes and a perfect gift to your colleagues or friends who love tinkering with things. Though there are many brands to date, but Wenger and Victorinox are the two most famous Swiss knife brands.

3. Wine

Souvenirs from Switzerland_blog_Swiss Wine

Switzerland has a lot of amazing wines to offer and if you and your colleagues love to sip a glass of wine after work, you probably should take some back home. Many people also say that Swiss trip isn’t complete without Swiss wine.

The vineyards are mainly situated near Geneva since the weather is warm enough for the vineyards to flourish. Head there if you want to buy some wines fresh from its vineyards. Pair it with the food such as steak or Swiss cheese to taste the most of it. Totally worth trying!

4. Cheese

The country is known to have the best and sweetest cheese among other countries in Europe. It has a very large variety of cheeses with a good quality, definitely a haven for cheese lovers and you just can’t get enough of it!

The famous raclette cheese is second to none in Swiss and you have to try directly there. To bring back home, choose hard cheese as opposed to a soft and raw cheese, since it’s easier for you to carry when you travel by plane.

5. Watches

Souvenirs from Switzerland_blog_Swiss watches

Another authentic and iconic souvenir from Switzerland is their watches, which are a world-renowned symbol of accuracy, ornate design and craftsmanship. Rolex, Omega, Swatch and Cartier are some of the biggest watch companies in Switzerland.

You’ll get a high-quality leather watches here in Swiss. So, if you have the budget, you should definitely buy a Swiss watch that has an elegant and superior design to bring home. A nice gift for your boss, perhaps?

6. Swiss Crafts

If you’re looking for something simple yet very traditional, consider to buy handmade Swiss crafts. When we mentioned about Swiss crafts, these include cuckoo clock, cowbells, wooden toys and even music box.

Traditional handicrafts are good to carry home, and will be a good souvenir for your colleagues. Although cuckoo clocks are originally from Germany, but the traditional chalet style originated in Switzerland. Meanwhile, cowbells are customary Swiss craft, perfect for your boy-friends!

Other items that make great gifts are wooden toys, textiles, flags and music boxes. Go to the open air traditional markets to buy these unique souvenirs from Switzerland with a cheaper price. Bring home a piece of traditional Swiss culture.

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Don’t forget to buy those souvenirs from Switzerland so you know their authentic traditional things and bring back home for your family, friends and colleagues!

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