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How to Get Eid 2019 Train Tickets, For Those of You Who Want to Go Homecoming Eid

Eid 2019 train ticket – Discussing the issue of Eid tickets, of course, you will always feel the euphoria of Eid ticket reservations that are difficult to obtain, and prices soar, right? Towards the Eid holiday, transportation tickets will always increase. For that, you need to practice the tips to get a ticket so that, going homecoming can be done for this year.

This time, we will discuss the exact tips to get Eid 2019 train ticket. So, if you intend to go homecoming for Eid this year by taking the train, get ready to practice the tips that tiket.com will give to you.

Are you ready to find out what are the best tips for getting Eid 2019 train ticket? Here’s the full review!

Eid 2019 Train Ticket, The Right Tips Are Guaranteed Effective!

Last year’s Eid al-Fitr you failed to go homecoming because you didn’t get a train ticket? If so, this year’s Eid you must go homecoming! If in the past you don’t have good preparation, or maybe you don’t know the exact tips yet. So this time you have to be more ready, preparations to get this Eid 2019 train ticket. So, you can stay in touch with your extended family in your hometown.

Don’t fail again to go homecoming, here are tips for getting all the Eid 2019 train ticket.

  1. Order a 90-day Train Ticket Before Departure

You must know, that booking tickets for homecoming has been opened since 90 days before the date of homecoming Eid arrived. So, you have to prepare the things needed before the purchase is opened by PT. KAI. The things you need to prepare are actually simple.

Tiket Kereta Lebaran 2019 - Pesan Tiket 90 Hari Sebelum Keberangkatan

First, determine how many tickets you will buy, prepare the identity of each prospective passenger that you will represent, determine the date and time, and specify the payment method that you will use. That way, when the opening is officially opened, you no longer need to prepare important things above suddenly.

Remember, that you will also compete with hundreds or even thousands of other travelers. Prepare carefully so that the Eid 2019 train ticket you need is successfully bought. So, you can go homecoming Eid this year.

  1. Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Stable

Given the high volume of booking tickets for Eid 2019 later, it isn’t impossible that the server of the Eid 2019 train ticket booking website will be down. So, make sure you have a stable internet connection so that, at least the homecoming Eid ticket booking that you do can stay connected and take you on the purchase page.

You can find a place that has a stable internet connection, or you can also install the internet at home with the most stable internet connection option. If so, you can feel a little calmer.

  1. Ready to Stay Up All Night, Order at 00.00 Local Time

Tips on this one are quite effective too for you to do. Because usually, the first 30 minutes when opening the booking ticket homecoming Eid, you can be sure it will be sold out. So, you better order it at 12 o’clock at night, or at the turn of the day. The chance for you to get Eid 2019 train ticket will be even bigger. But of course, you also have to depend on your internet connection which competes with hundreds to thousands of other prospective buyers. So, it’s best not to postpone until the morning, okay.

  1. Don’t Just Depend on KAI’s Official Website

This is also the most important thing you need to consider. So far, you have only been fixated on booking Eid 2019 train ticket on the official website of PT. KAI, now is the time to prepare another alternative that can give you even greater opportunities to get your Eid Homecoming train ticket.

You can buy it online, too, in your trusted online travel agent or subscription. If you have never tried buying train tickets online at an online travel agent, now you can find out first about the travel agent of your choice. Start checking prices, transaction methods, and available payment methods.

That way, you can get another alternative if only the official website of PT. KAI is currently not accessible. You can trust to order train tickets online at tiket.com, for Eid homecoming later. Moreover, there will be discounts that make ticket prices cheaper.

  1. Prepare Alternative Dates and Train Routes

Well, the exact tips for this one shouldn’t be forgotten. The case for the Lebaran 2019 train ticket that you want has already been sold out, so you can quickly order tickets at alternative dates that you have prepared.

Besides alternative dates, you can also choose alternative routes. For example, you want to go homecoming Eid from Jakarta to Solo, but the ticket you need is sold out. But, you can choose an alternative route like from Bandung to Solo which turns out you still have the ticket slot you need.

So, that’s the exact 5 tips that you can apply to get Eid 2019 train ticket so you don’t run out. Already know, what steps should you take first? Don’t forget to find out the 5 Reasons Why You Have to Go Homecoming Eid Ride The Train.