17th of April 2019, Don’t Forget to Vote Before Long Weekend

In the third week of this month, more precisely on April 17, 2019 we will carry out the biggest democratic party, namely the 2019 presidential election and legislative elections. Well, along with that, in that week we will also celebrate the longest long-weekend of this year.

But let’s take it easy first, t-mates. Before having a super long long weekend, there is something you need to pay attention to first. So that all of you can become good citizens and take part in advancing the country, please read the following article.

Voting is Cool

Previously, simultaneous elections had begun to be carried out abroad from April 8 to 14. T-mates don’t need to worry because how to vote abroad is very easy and not complicated.

Well, for those of you who are in the country, the process of voting is also not that difficult. After you finish to vote, you can enjoy a long holiday for five days. How come? Check out a few points below so you can seize the week.

1. You Can Have The Longest Long-Weekend This Year

As we know that this year’s election falls on April 17, 2019. Then the president has also set that date as a national holiday. That means, this week you will get a one-day holiday.

Let's Vote

The holiday is given so that all Indonesian citizens can use their right to vote as well as possible and all citizens can get the same opportunity to carry out elections.

2. Request for One Day Leave

April 17 falls on Wednesday. In addition, in the same week there is another national holiday that falls on Friday April 19 2019. The national holiday is to celebrate Good Friday.

That way, Thursday 18 April is a day between two holidays. On that day you are highly recommended to apply for one day leave. If your leave is approved by your leader, you can get a super long weekend for five days from Wednesday to Sunday.

3. Use Your Suffrage

Well, it would be nice if the submission of your leave is accepted. But one thing that you should not forget is to use your right to vote in the 2019 election. Make sure before the long weekend, you have come to the polling station and voted.

Let's Vote

We must participate in choosing leaders who will lead Indonesia for the next five years. Your vote can have a big change on the results of the election. So don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate democracy this time.

4. Enjoying the Long Weekend

If your obligations as citizens are fulfilled, now is the time for the holidays! You can go for a trip abroad, having fun at home, or spend time gathering with friends you haven’t seen for some time.

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Let’s Celebrate the Democracy Responsibly

So, are you ready for a long weekend full of excitement? The simultaneous election this time is the first election in Indonesia where you not only choose a presidential candidate, but also a legislative candidate. So, don’t you miss this opportunity to use your rights as well as possible. tiket.com says to all t-mates, have a good holiday!