Discover Hong Kong

We think it’s fair to say that Hong Kong has so many things hidden. If you think that Hong Kong is just a small boring country, you got them so wrong!

There will be much interesting things that you’ll might never found before. A new experience, new story, that you might can bring to your kids or your grandchild. Discover Hong Kong and you will find the real meaning of life.

So what’s there in Hong Kong?

hongkong above

See the Whole City From Above, in The Peak

Visiting Hong Kong would never be complete if you don’t see it from above. Well, you should visit The Peak, then. This is the highest place in Hong Kong. From here, you can see the beauty of Hong Kong very clearly. You can take cute photos, as well.

Ride a Exciting Cable Car in Ngong Ping 360

I bet there is nothing can beat the beauty of sea view and hills view from above. Especially when you see it while enjoying a cable car. In Ngong Ping 360, you can ride a cable car to go around the island, see their beautiful view and feel the excitement.

Playing Spree in Disneyland

When you visiting Hong Kong, you should go to Disneyland. Well, it’s a must! People says that Disneyland is the most happiest place on earth. Is it true? you should try yourself, then.

Relax in Repulse Bay Beach

When you visiting Hong Kong, don’t forget to go to Repulse. Here you can enjoy the coolest beach view ever. Its white sand are really smooth. The sorrounds has also helping you to chill. But, you can do a lot of outdoor activity too.

Trying the Real Hong Kong Taste

Tired of walks around the city, try the real taste of Hong Kong foods. It’s all you can taste, from the original coffee to the legendary noodle. You can also see the new experience like enjoying their authentic architecture, or listening their simple chit-chats.

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