Tempat Wisata Kuliner di Palembang


10 Palembang’s Best Culinary Experiences

Culinary Attractions in Palembang – t-mate, what do you like the most when visiting a city? Is it the tourist attractions in the city, cultural and historical sites, or maybe its cuisines?

Hmm, visiting famous places is indeed fun but trying their typical food is a must!

Well, this time, tiket.com will provide recommendations on gastronomy in Palembang that you should add in your stop. Indonesian food comes in a variety of flavors that makes you want to ask for more, and so does Palembang cuisine.

Still don’t know where to eat in Palembang? Here is the complete guide for you, t-mates.

Culinary Attractions in Palembang

Palembang has a lot of beauty that can make you happy and enjoy since your first footstep in this city, especially its tourist attractions that are mandatory to explore.

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1. RiverSide Restaurant

This culinary destination in Palembang has the beauty of a landscape with a romantic atmosphere. RiverSide Restaurant is a dining place that has the concept of a floating restaurant with a large ship shape.

You might have seen a restaurant with the same concept in Bandung, namely Pinisi Resto.

In this restaurant, you can see the view of the Musi River and also the Ampera Bridge. If you come to this restaurant at night, then you will see the beauty of the lights around the river, fascinating!

This restaurant is located on Benteng Kuto Besar Street, 19 Ilir, Bukit Kecil, Palembang City.

2. Bakmi Aloi

Bakmi Aloi is one of the culinary attractions in Palembang that serves non-halal food. This is a legendary eating place in Palembang and very well-known among tourists.

So, if you want to try Bakmi Aloi with pork chops, you can stop by this Palembang Aloi Bakmi Babi restaurant, located on Jl. Dempo Luar No.410A, 15 Ilir, Ilir Tim. I, Palembang City.

3. Mie Celor 23 Ilir

Are you an udon fan? Well, this food is similar to Udon, t-mate, but made with local flavors. Mie Celor is served with yellow noodles as large as udon, which are doused with spicy thick sauce, and various toppings.

Culinary Attractions in Palembang - Mie Celor 26 Ilir

Toppings in a bowl of Celor noodles are usually meat, shrimp, pieces of boiled eggs, bean sprouts, leeks, and fried onions.

Want to know the place that serves delicious Celor Noodles? Just stop by at Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan No. 02 Pasar 26 Ilir, Palembang.

4. Tekwan

Tekwan is a typical Palembang food whose dough has some similarities with Pempek. The difference is, this tekwan dough is made with a round shape and also served with shrimp broth.

There are several types of pempek that you can choose. Like Pempek Lenjer, Pempek Kapal Selam, Pempek Keriting, Pempek Adaan, and others.

In  a bowl of tekwan usually there will be mushrooms, fish meatballs, rice noodles, bengkoang, celery leaves and leeks, and a sprinkling of fried onions to mix with. It’s best to eat warm tekwan during rainy season, t-mate.

You can get a tasty tekwan meal by visiting Pempek Lince on Jl. Tugu Mulyo no. 2398, Palembang.

5. Godo-Godo

If you come to Palembang, it will be easy to find this one typical Palembang food menu. Because Godo-Godo is a street snack that is sold using a cart.

This godo-godo dough is a bit like the pempek dough, the only difference is the godo-godo mixture doesn’t use fish, but uses shrimp instead. This godo-godo is usually being served with the cuko sauce, which is why it’s often called Godo Pempek.

6. Martabak HAR

HAR Martabak is one of the legendary culinary of Palembang. HAR itself stands for restaurant owner named Haji Abdul Rojak. So now you’re wondering, what distinguishes this HAR Martabak from other martabak, right?

Culinary attractions in Palembang - Martabak HAR

HAR Martabak is made from martabak skin which contains chicken eggs or duck. However, the way of serving this martabak is different from others. You add thick goat curry sauce, then mix with potato and meat pieces.

You can also try soy sauce as a dipping sauce. When in Palembang, you can directly go to Jalan Sudirman, Palembang to eat this!

7. Burgo

Palembang specialty made from rice flour that has similarities with kwetiau. However, the form of Burgo is bigger than kwetiau and served with spicy coconut milk sauce.

Enjoying Burgo is better when mixed with pieces of boiled eggs, and also laksan.

Stop by Dr. M Isa around Palembang’s Kuto Market, to taste this typical Palembang menu.

8. Pempek Candy

Who doesn’t know and doesn’t love this? Pempek is a food that you must try when you are in Palembang. Although there have been many pempek in various cities, but tasting Pempek in its hometown will certainly be different, right, t-mate?

Tempat Wisata Kuliner di Palembang - Pempek dan Lenggang Cindy

Pempek dough fried crispy, sprinkled with shrimp powder, yellow noodles, cucumber pieces, and cuko broth, can make your appetite suddenly increases.

You can find Pempek Candy on Jalan Jend. Sudirman 21, Jalan Kapt. A. Rivai 260, and Jalan R. Sukamto 53.

9. Sweet Cucuk Beef Satay

Satay is indeed an ordinary food menu that is easy to find. Like chicken satay, skin satay, and also goat satay. However, in Palembang you can find a rather different type of satay, called Sweet Cucuk Beef Satay.

Sweet Cucuk Beef Satay is a beef satay that has a sweet taste and is not served with peanut sauce like satay in general. Curious? Don’t forget to stop by at Jl. Maj. Gen. HM Ryacudu, 7 Ulu, Seberang Ulu I, Palembang City to enjoy this dish.

10. Red Bean Ice

It feels really good if you try the Red Bean Ice after exploring the beauty of Palembang city. In Palembang, you can have this dessert at any restaurants.

Tempat Wisata Kuliner di Palembang - Es Kacang Merah

If you have never tasted this menu, it is really necessary to try it when you are in Palembang. Enjoy the sensation of fresh red bean ice served with a mixture of coconut milk and Javanese sugar.

Exploring various cities and tasting various menus of the typical food is indeed an exciting thing to do. Besides having new experience, you certainly become more knowledgeable about the various typical menus from various cities in Indonesia.

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