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Crazy Hype Singapore

Find everything you need right here in Singapore. From the latest retail items to interesting family vacation spots, Singapore has everything guaranteed to keep that smile on your face.

So, what’s there in Singapore?

Shopping Spree in Orchard Road

People say that you haven’t really gone to Singapore if you haven’t been to Orchard Road. Orchard Road is heaven for shopaholics from anywhere. You can find everything of quality here. Don’t forget to do a little bit of window shopping while you’re at it.

Family Time at Sentosa

Who says that Singapore is only about the big lion statue in Merlion Park? For those of you looking to spend some quality family time, stop by Sentosa Island. While you’re here, have fun at Universal Studios or visit the Nature Park to see the most unique species of flora and fauna.

Culinary Adventure with Beautiful Flavors

As a ‘transit’ nation, Singapore is a melting pot with a wide array of cultures. So, don’t be surprised to see such a diverse culinary experience. Complete your journey by treating your palate to a unique tasting excursion.

Enjoy Quality Entertainment in Marina Bay

I bet you all know about the Marina Bay! You cannot miss it. Sit back and relax while enjoying high quality entertainment here. All the entertainment you can think of at Marina Bay!

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