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8 Cipali Toll Rest Areas, The Important Info for You Who Wanna go to Hometown

Cipali Toll Rest Areas – Do you have a plan to go for homecoming to your hometown this year? If so, how far are you preparing for coming home to your hometown later?

Hmm, what about you who use private vehicles? It’s very important to pay attention to the condition of your vehicle, as well as all the details. In order for your trip to be safe and comfortable, don’t forget to do vehicle service first, t-mate.

Well, for t-mate who will go for homecoming using the Cikopo-Palimanan (Cipali) toll road, this time will provide a little important information for you. Yup, this is about the rest area in the path you are going to take to get to your hometown. Check out the following review.

8 Cipali Toll Rest Area You Must Know

Homecoming using private vehicles does feel tiring, isn’t it? For this reason, it is very important for you who drive by yourself to find out the rest area on your route. Like the Cipali Toll Road which will take you to Cirebon and its surroundings.

Cipali Toll Rest Area is divided into two categories, namely type A and type B. Type A is the rest area that provides gas stations, so when you start running out of fuel, you can go to the Type A rest area to refuel. While type B is a rest area without gas station facilities.

The following is a list of Cipali Toll rest areas that you can find along the toll road to Cikopo-Palimanan:

Rest Area Cikopo – Palimanan

– KM 86 B

– KM 102 A

– KM 130 B

– KM 166 A

Facilities that you can find when you are in the Cipali Toll Rest area with type A are gas stations, mosques, parking lots, restaurants, ATMs, toilets, health services, and standby shops.

Rest Area Palimanan – Cikopo

– KM 164 A

– KM 130 B

– KM 101 A

– KM 86 B

The facilities that you can find while in the Cipali Toll Rest area with type B are mosques, parking lots, restaurants, ATMs and toilets.

Rest Area Tol Cipali

In addition to the 8 Cipali Toll Rest areas above, there are also 2 Parking Bay that you can enjoy as a place to rest. Among them is KM 153 for you who will head towards Cirebon, and KM 155 for you who are heading towards Jakarta. With each facility in the form of a toilet.

Driving Safely, And Enjoy Your Trip

Come on, t-mate, for those of you who are going to homecoming, make sure your health and stamina are okay! When you are tired of driving, take a break in the nearest rest area to either rest or fill ammunition before continuing the trip.

Safe and comfortable homecoming is certainly your priority, right? Make a car rental at as part of a safe, comfortable and enjoyable trip. Find out also Idul Fitri info updates before you leave, t-mate!

Happy holiday!