5 Makanan Khas Imlek di Indonesia, Gong Xi Fa Cai!


5 Chinese New Year Food in Indonesia, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Chinese New Year is the first day of Chinese calendar sand usually filled with red ornaments,  which symbolizes enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Some activities that are mostly carried out during Chinese New Year are holding a large banquet and ignite fireworks. There are some typical Chinese new year food in Indonesia that are served in every home, what are those food? Check out below!

5 Chinese New Year Food in Indonesia

1. Basket Cakes

5 Makanan Khas Imlek di Indonesia - Kue Keranjang

The first common Chinese food in Indonesia is Kue basket or bascet cakes. This snack is a must have food when celebrating Chinese New Year. This cake is round shape and brown colored. This cakes is mold  using a basket-shaped container. Also commonly called Nian Gao, basket cakes are made once a year to welcoming the Chinese New Year celebration.

Having a taste similar to Indonesian snacks namely dodol, basket cakes is made from sticky rice flour and brown sugar. In Chinese New Year celebrations, these cakes are arranged in a stack with meaning to gain prosperity in the following year. In addition, the round shape of Basket Cake also has meaning for families who celebrate Chinese New Year to continue to unite, get along and intact.

2. Mandarin Orange

5 Makanan Khas Imlek di Indonesia - Jeruk Mandarin

This fruit is usually eaten every day, but Mandarin Orange is also one of the typical Chinese food in Indonesia. Usually Orange fruit used in Chinese New Year celebrations which still has its stem and leaves. Having a name in mandarin namely “chi zhe”, chi means fortune and zhe means fruit, Orange is known as the fruit of the carrier of fortune.

The color orange in this fruit is also symbolized as gold which means fortune and in the form of money. Long ago, Mandarin Oranges were usually only served to high officials. When Chinese New Year, families will give this fruit to children with the hope that fortune will continue to grow.

3. Siu Mie (Long Noodles)

5 Makanan Khas Imlek di Indonesia - Siu Mie

Noodle is a dish that cannot be separated from the history of the Chinese community which is one of the typical Chinese food in Indonesia. Eating noodle dishes is an obligation for those who celebrate Chinese New Year. Long-shaped noodles are symbolized as hopes for long life in the future.

Unlike the usual day, Siu Mie during the Chinese New Year celebration is presented along with a variety of complementary ingredients such as Cabbage, Mustard, Mushroom, Shrimp, Shellfish and many more. Before eating, it will usually begin with a prayer with various hopes of entering a new year. Uniquely, when you eat this noodle you can’t break it before all the noodles go into your mouth. Because, if it is broken, it means that your fortune will not be smooth for a year.

4. Pork dishes

5 Makanan Khas Imlek di Indonesia - Hidangan Babi

It is incomplete to celebrate Chinese New Year without serving this typical Chinese food in Indonesia, Pork dish. Usually a variety of foods that are filled with pork meat are eaten with large families. Pig are likened to being carriers of luck because they are like bags that can accommodate fortune.

The basic ingredients of typical Chinese food in Indonesia are usually cooked in various ways, from roast pork to dumpling stuffing. Pig is also an animals which has other meanings than carriers of luck. Because of its lazy nature, eating pork also has hopes to get rid of laziness in the new year.

5. White Sunflower Seeds

5 Makanan Khas Imlek di Indonesia - Kuaci Putih

Who here has never eaten sunflower seeds? Everyone must have eaten this snack when they were relaxing. Who would have thought that these sunflower seeds were also typical Chinese food in Indonesia. The type of snack which is served is quite unique, namely, white sunflower seeds.

Do you know sobat tiket, what is the meaning of sunflower seeds food at Chinese New Year celebrations? Sunflower seeds were symbolized as hope for fertility and brought forth offspring in the new year. Really do not think that typical Chinese food in Indonesia has a lot of meaning, right?

Chinese New Year celebrations are celebrated to welcome the new year with new enthusiasm and hope. The meaning contained in each typical Chinese food in Indonesia above has meaning and hope for the next year. Apart from the Chinese New Year, there are also some special foods that are usually served on certain feasts such as the typical Eid-ul-Fitr meal.

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