Imlek 2019 - Tempat Merayakan Imlek di Indonesia


7 Cities in Indonesia for Celebrating Chinese New Year 2019

Chinese New Year 2019 – In Indonesia, Chinese New Year celebrations are officially designated as National Holidays. Not only for the Chinese citizenry that celebrate it, but the excitement of the Chinese New Year can be felt by all Indonesian people from year to year. Chinese New Year celebrations in Indonesia will usually be cheered with fireworks and also lion dance shows.

Not only in places of worship, but the Imlek atmosphere will also be felt in the expenditure center, Chinatown, to the capital city. In fact, specifically, to celebrate this new year, Vihara and Pagoda will give privileges to the general public who wish to participate in witnessing the worship. However, you must agree to the rules specified.

For you who celebrate Chinese New Year, in this Chinese New Year 2019 celebration, where are you planning to go with family? The gathering is definitely a must thing to do. Maybe, after gathering, you can also vacation in cities in Indonesia which also enliven Chinese New Year 2019. You can order cheap airplane tickets on to bring you to all the cities below.

Chinese New Year 2019, You Can Feel the Euphoria of Chinese New Year 2019 in the City Next!

The excitement of the Chinese New Year celebration is not only acceptable in countries that are the center of Chinese New Year celebrations. In Indonesia, you can also feel Chinese New Year celebrations in several big cities. In addition, to stay in touch with large families, the following cities can be your holiday destination with family in the later 2019 Chinese New Year. Where is it? Let’s move to the list!

  1. Jakarta

Jakarta is the first city that you can make a place to visit for Chinese New Year 2019. In Jakarta, there are several temples or Pagoda that can become Buddhist places of worship in Indonesia. Some areas with the Chinese people are also at several points in Jakarta.

Imlek 2019 - Jakarta

Not only for those who celebrate, but the general public can also witness the excitement of the Chinese New Year 2019 celebration at some of these points. Like the famous one is the Dharma Bakti Temple or known as the Nine Plot Temple. This monastery in the Glodok area, Jakarta can be your destination to witness the festive Chinese New Year celebration.

In addition to seeing worship activities, you can also hunt typical Chinese food at Pasar Petak Sembilan. Like hunting basket cakes, Mandarin oranges, and typical Chinese knick-knacks. Not only that, you will see Tingkok-style buildings in this area.

  1. Singkawang, West Kalimantan

Singkawang is a city in West Kalimantan, called the City of Thousand Temples. Not surprisingly, every Chinese New Year celebration of this city’s will be enlivened with various exciting and interesting events. Do you know? if Chinatown in Singkawang is the biggest Chinatown in Indonesia!

Imlek 2019 - Singkawang

That is why Chinese New Year celebrations in Singkawang are always festive and become the destination of Chinese New Year destination with families. You can also make SIngkawang a destination for inviting Chinese New Year 2019. Moreover, this city has many temples that you can go to. Actually, the Cap Go Meh Celebration in Singkawang City is the largest organizer in Southeast Asia.

  1. Semarang, Central Java

In addition to Singkawang, Semarang is the second city in Indonesia to have the glorious Chinese celebration. Celebrating a holiday with a Chinese atmosphere is indeed a rare moment and certainly interesting, right? In Semarang, Chinese New Year celebrations will usually be held in Sam Po Kong Temple.

Imlek 2019 - Semarang

The temple that is the center of the celebration of the Chinese New Year will be crowded not only by the people who want to pray. But you will also see many tourists who want to see the cultural festival here. Not only lion dance performance, Chinese New Year celebrations in Semarang will also be enlivened with culinary festivals, street opera, and robot costumes that interesting.

  1. Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung

Not much different from other cities, Pangkal Pinang also became one of the cities that participated in celebrating Chinese New Year with great parade. This is because many people in Pangkal Pinang are of Chinese descent, so that Chinese New Year celebrations become a mandatory celebration in Pangkal Pinang.

Imlek 2019 - Pangkal Pinang Bangka Belitung

You can also make the 2019 Chinese holiday moment later as an exciting holiday moment by watching the cultural festival held in this city. Phak Khak Liang and Dewi Kwan Im Temple are temples that you can visit to see the beauty of this Chinese culture.

  1. Palembang, South Sumatra

Palembang is one of the cities in Indonesia that has a history of Chinese culture in it. If you go to Palembang, surely you will find many Chinese people and also monasteries in several places. So, it’s no wonder that every year the city of Palembang celebrates the Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh with great fanfare.

Imlek 2019 - Palembang

Well, you can make Palembang as your destination to celebrate Imlek 2019 here. The Chinese atmosphere will be felt more on Kemaro Island and Chinatown Dempo, with red Chinese knick-knacks, which certainly makes the atmosphere in this region even more festive. Hok Tjing Rio Temple which is located on Kemaro Island is the most popular place, because the legend tells the story of the love of Tan Bun An and Siti Fatimah. Not a few tourists who come here to pray for a mate.

  1. Medan, North Sumatra

Medan is one of the cities in Indonesia whose population is of ethnic Chinese. For this reason, celebrating the Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh is a routine every year that will definitely be done. The excitement in the city of Medan when Chinese New Year can be felt with the holding of the Chinese New Year festival with all kinds related to Chinese New Year. Starting with typical foods, knick-knacks, clothes, and so on.

Imlek excitement is not only felt in the city center, namely CBD Polonia block, but also felt in several places of worship. Like in the Gunung Timur Temple and Maha Vihara Maitreya which will be populated by Chinese people for worship.

  1. Tegal, Central Java

Imlek 2019 - Tegal

You can feel the festive Chinese New Year also at Tek Hay Kiong Temple which is located in the center of Tegal City. Every year, Tek Hay Kiong Temple will hold a Chinese New Year celebration that will be filled with the general public. In fact, besides the celebration of Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh, this temple also routinely holds the Sejit Tek Hay Cin Jin ceremony. You can make Tegal City a 2019 Chinese New Year celebration destination with your family with a different atmosphere of course. You can also witness fireworks, burning candles, and lion dancing in this city.

Well, now you know where to go? Which city in Indonesia will be your Chinese New Year 2019 tourist destination with family? Book cheap airplane tickets at to go to your favorite city, and find 7 Chinese New Year Traditions in Several Cities in Indonesia! Xin Nian Kuai Le, for you who celebrate it! Wan shi ru yi, shen yi xing rong, hong bao na lai? Hehehe.