Tempat Hangout Surabaya


Check Out These Super Cool Hangout Places Only in Surabaya!

When thinking about the coolest hangout place, what city comes first to your mind? Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta or Bali? Just like those other big cities in Indonesia, Surabaya also has many super cool hangout spots. In here, you can spend your weekend hanging out in a cozy place, complete with delicious dishes that can make you feel at home. Yep, welcome to Surabaya, guys.

When you are in Surabaya, you can visit these hangout places with your friends and enjoy the true nuance of Surabaya City. A new atmosphere that you might never have imagined before. Come on, check out these cool hangout places that can make you don’t want to leave this city any sooner.

1. Zangrandi Ice Cream

Zangrandi Ice Cream is one of the most interesting hangout places in Surabaya. Here you can enjoy classic ice cream in a place that has a unique colonial design. Even the chairs are still old-fashioned. You can hang out here at noon or evening while enjoying the cold ice cream in the hot Surabaya air.

Every day, Zangrandi is always crowded with tourists. This ice cream shop is located on Jalan Yos Sudarso Surabaya. Those who come are not only from Indonesia, but foreign tourists from Europe also come to visit this ice cream shop.

2. The Avenue Lounge Bar

The Avenue Lounge Bar is a hangout place that opened in 2015. Even though it is still new, but this hangout spot in Surabaya has become a popular place in no time. A cozy bar, delicious food, and live music performance make everyone feel comfortable.

The Avenue Lounge Bar is open from noon until midnight. However, the best time to come here is at night. The dim ambiance and excellent bar service will make this place very comfortable for the rest of the night.

3. Domicile Kitchen & Lounge

Domicile Kitchen & Lounge is one of the classy hangout places located on Jalan Sumatra, Surabaya. In this place, you will see a lot of rooms that have modern design and also will give visitors a comfortable experience.

You can book a table before coming to Domicile Kitchen & Lounge, or you can come straight to this place with semi-formal attire. Even though this place does not have rules for visitors, but it is better to dress properly before ordering special dishes such as France and oriental.

4. Orange Cafe

Are you not into places inside a building? Then you can try to come to Jalan Prapen 22, Surabaya. Here you can find a cafe with an outdoor concept that is very pleasant. You can enjoy the beauty of the Surabaya sky at night without having to be obstructed by a roof.

The menu served at Orange Cafe Surabaya is also very various. Most of them are sweet dishes that is very delicate. If you happen to be looking for a unique hangout place and good food, you can surely come to Orange Cafe.

5. Lareia Cake & Co. Cafe

Lareia Cake & Co. Cafe is one hangout place that is perfect for those who like snacks or desserts. This cafe has all-white interior decorations where you can enjoy a variety of very delicious cakes complete with very special drinks.

This cafe is located in one of the shopping centers in Surabaya. When you are in Surabaya, be sure to come to this cafe with your friends and spend time in a comfortable ambiance.