5 Negara Wisata Murah di Asia buat Liburan Kilat


Plan to Short leave? Try 5 Cheap Tourism Countries in Asia for Quick Holidays

With busy schedule from morning to evening on our daily life its takes a lot of time and energy. The density of these activites makes us only have a short time to rest even just on vacation. Plan to get a short getaway? Don’t worry, you still can vacation abroad comfortably and most importantly, cheap. Want to know what are the cheap country recommendations in Asia to visit? Check here!

5 Cheap Countries in Asia for Quick Holidays

1. Thailand

5 Negara Wisata Murah di Asia buat Liburan Kilat - Thailand

The first cheap country recommendation in Asia that sobat tiket can visit is Thailand. Known as the white elephant country, if you have a limited budget but still want to go abroad, try holiday to Thailand. Having an exotic country charm like Indonesia, many interesting places can be visited here start from naturel tourism to exploring the magnificent of Phuket.

Travel to Thailand doesn’t have to go out a lot of budget, sobat tiket! To save on transportation costs, you can find hotels that are strategically close to the city. When in Thailand, sobat tiket must visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market. This biggest market in Thailand sells various kinds of goods ranging from souvenirs, culinary, clothing, books and even electronics. Interestingly, you can bid to get a cheaper price here.

2. Vietnam

5 Negara Wisata Murah di Asia buat Liburan Kilat - Vietnam

For those of you who like to eat Pho, this cheap countries in Asia can be another option for a short getaway. With the capital city located in Hanoi, its suitable for those of you who want a culinary tour of healthy food. If you visit here, don’t forget to look for a place to stay around the city!

The culinary offered by the country of Vietnam is quite different from other countries. Because various dishes here contain various types of vegetables. One popular meal is Gỏi cuốn or Vietnamese spring rolls and Pho, which is a clear soup with a mixture of herbal vegetable ingredients. As for tourism attractions in Vietnam, sobat tiket can visit many great places without spending a lot of money, such as the Central Post Office, People Committee Hall, Domaine De Marie and Da Lat Lake.

3. Singapore

5 Negara Wisata Murah di Asia buat Liburan Kilat - Singapura

This cheap country in Asia is definitely one of the favorite countries to have a short getaway. Singapore offers a variety of interesting tourist places to visit. It doesn’t have to be expensive, there are many tourist sites to various cheap hotels in Singapore, you can find it in here.

To save budget, sobat tiket can use public transportation in Singapore which is fairly convenient. You can buy a multi function card called STP or Singapore Tourist Pass to use the MRT and Bus facilities at once. Many interesting tourist places in Singapore that do not have to spend a lot of budget, for example have a culinary tours in the Chinatown,  take pictures in white lion statue, Merlion or visit the Singapore Botanical Garden.

4. Japan

5 Negara Wisata Murah di Asia buat Liburan Kilat - Jepang

Do sobat tiket like to read manga or watch anime? If yes, then these  cheap country recommendations in Asia are suitable for your short getaway. Japan is one of the countries in the East Asia region that is most often visited by tourists from all over the world every year.

For sobat tiket who have a limited budget for holidays, no need to worry. Travel to Japan can be more affordable by booking airplane tickets in advance with looking for cheap hotels aorund the city at the same time. Some tourist attractions that you can visit and free in Japan, for example like,  Ueno Park, Nakamise Market, Hachiko statue and many more.

5. South Korea

5 Negara Wisata Murah di Asia buat Liburan Kilat - Korea Selatan

This cheap country recommendation in Asia is right for sobat tiket who like all things about K-pop or K-drama. South Korea is now invading their culture throughout the world through Hallyu, also called the South Korean cultural wave. No wonder the number of tourists visiting South Korea also increased due to this Hallyu.

Things that you need first is to find the suitable airline tickets and hotels around Seoul with your budget. In terms of cheap tourist destinations, South Korea has many great destinations to visit and affordable also. For K-pop lovers, you can visit K-Star Road in the elite Gangnam area or visit the Han River which is often use as the setting place of several popular dramas.

Do you know where you want to go now? These cheap country recommendations in Asia can be an option for sobat tiket who are confused about determining affordable vacation destinations for short getaway. In order for the holidays to run more smoothly, you can start saving so that the holiday is not just a plan.

If you plan to use leave for a vacation in the near future, sobat tiket can start looking for cheap airline tickets with tiket.com. Have a nice holiday!