Changi Airport Fasilitas Gratis


7 Free Facilities in Changi Airport That You Must Try!

Changi Airport Facilities – Do you know if Singapore’s international airport is the best airport in the world by Skytrax? This assessment is certainly not without basis, you know. This is certainly supported by several assessments from Singapore International Airport, namely Changi Airport. Besides having a magnificent and very comfortable design, Changi Airport is also known as an airport that has complete facilities and can be enjoyed free of charge.

If you ever visited this country for vacation, business, or even just a transit, surely you already know about the facilities at this airport, right? Yup, there are many free facilities that can be enjoyed while you are at this airport.

So, if you have to transit at Changi for quite a long time, you don’t need to worry anymore. Because there are facilities that can make your transit time more enjoyable and make you enjoy it.

You who bring along children don’t need to worry about transit times which sometimes feel so bored. Because facilities for children are also available at Changi. Do you want to know, what are the free facilities at Changi Airport? Check out the following review!

Free facilities at Changi Airport

Just arrived at Changi Airport and still waiting for time to check in at the hotel? Just relax, buddy, you can still enjoy the fun of the free facilities provided by this Airport. Especially for those of you who are waiting for transit time, it’s really right to choose Changi Airport as a place for transit. Here is a list of facilities that you can enjoy for free at Changi!

1. Butterfly Garden

This free Changi Airport facility will not be found everywhere. Why not? because when else and where else will you find a butterfly park inside the airport, if not in Singapore?

Changi Airport Fasilitas Gratis - Butterfly Garden

This Butterfly Garden does provide many free-flying butterflies around you. In fact, you will also find artificial fountains that look so charming. To be able to enjoy this one facility, you only need to slide to Changi Airport Terminal 3.

2. Cinema

Watch free movies at the airport? You can make it happen, buddy, if you go to Singapore. Very interesting indeed this one airport. As long as you wait for hotel check-in or transit, you can spend time watching movies in the theater available in Terminals 2 and 3.

Want to watch the latest movie or even an old movie too? But, don’t forget the time, buddy, for those of you who still have the next flight. Because it can be dangerous if you are late until you miss the next flight!

3. Entertainment Deck

Wow, this facility at Changi Airport is a paradise for gamers. The Entertainment Deck available at Terminal 2 provides Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for passengers who arriving or transiting at Singapore Changi Airport.

Changi Airport Fasilitas Gratis - Entertainment Deck

Hmm, this really really can make your waiting time more enjoyable. You also allowed playing as much as you like on this entertainment deck.

In fact, in this one free facility, there is also an MTV booth that you can use to play your favorite songs. This is so cool, right?

4. Free City Tour

For this one free facility, it’s really interesting and classy. Who doesn’t want to go around Singapore for free? However, this free city tour also has its own conditions. Where you who transit in Singapore must have at least 5-7 hours of transit time.

Changi Airport Fasilitas Gratis - Free City Tour

Touring the city is divided into two categories. Heritage Tour for those of you who will go around during the day, and City Lights Tour for tours held at night. Either night or day, both are really interesting. Moreover, this facility is free! Hehehe.

5. Children Playground

For you who goes with the kids, calm down if you transit at Changi Airport. Because, at this airport, there are also free facilities that you can enjoy, namely Children Playground. So, this can be a diversion for children so they don’t feel bored while waiting for the next flight hour.

Changi Airport Fasilitas Gratis - Children Playground


Apart from being beneficial for parents, it is certainly also fun for children so that they don’t feel bored. However, be prepared if they don’t want to finish it. Because it can cause you to miss the flight! Hehe.

6. Reflexion Chair

Long flight or tired after driving around Changi Airport? You can try free reflexion chairs available at this airport. Surely it feels really good when the legs are sore, sitting on this one automatic massage chair. You have to try this!

7. The Social Tree

Changi Airport Fasilitas Gratis - The Social Tree

This facility is perfect for you who likes taking a picture. Yup, at this Social Tree Singapore, you can pose any style and will be captured by high definition cameras from this giant tree. Even interesting, this Social Tree can also be connected to your social media account. Want to try photobooth-style photos? You just go to Terminal 1 of Changi Airport.

After reading the 7 free facilities at Changi Airport, make you want to take a trip to Singapore or even transit in Singapore? Whatever your destination for holidays or business matters in Singapore, book flight tickets to Singapore on is easier, cheaper and faster. This is your first-time solo traveling abroad? You can read Solo Traveling Abroad Tips for First Timer.