Catch Your Flight with Ramadan Special Offers from tiket.com

Homecoming is one of the traditions in Indonesia during Eid. For this reason, most of you must have been preparing to go home from days, weeks, or months before. Be it by preparing your own vehicles or buying public transportation tickets.

One of the most popular public transportation which usually used for Eid holiday is the train. Unfortunately, the train ticket quota is limited. But, be worry-free t-mates! For those of you who didn’t manage to get your train tickets, there are still plenty of flight seats available to go home!

Going Home by Airplane? Here’s the Perks!

Going home by airplane actually has many advantages compare to other transportation. Let’s take a look of the benefits of why you should secure a flight seat to your hometown.

1. Numerous Seats Availability and Schedules

Taking a flight is a comfortable transportation mode. You can go home by plane because there are numerous flight schedules available every day, as well as the seats availability. That way you can be less concerned about the tickets to go home for Eid.

2. Faster Travel Time

If you travel by plane, you do not need to take a long time to reach your destination. Especially for those of you who travel across islands in Indonesia. You can immediately gather with your family at home faster, even many times faster!

3. You Can Book Flight Ticket with Ramadan Special Offers from tiket.com

Well, this is the main advantage for you who consider to go home using a plane. If you run out of train tickets, fret not because many reputable airlines are ready to deliver you home! The good news is, you can buy flight tickets using Ramadan Special Offers from tiket.com.

tiket.com offers you something special in this holy month, wrapped in Ramadan Special Offers. It allows you to book flight tickets with a friendly price! In addition, you can also use this offer to book a hotel everywhere.

Coming Home with Ramadan Special Offers from tiket.com

With Ramadan Special Offers from tiket.com, you can book airline tickets and hotels with discount up to 1,000,000 IDR. Ain’t it cool? Of course, tiket.com knows you best and wants you have a well-spent Eid holiday. Now, you don’t need to afraid of running out of train tickets because with tiket.com Ramadan Special Offers, going home is always possible.

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