Pantai dengan Ombak Terbesar di Indonesia


The Top 7 Big Wave Beaches in Indonesia, Perfect for Surfing!

While you are having a holiday at beaches, what the first thing you’re searching for? Is the white sand that attracts you to come? Or you come to the beach because of the huge and powerful waves for surfing?

It is not a secret that Indonesia has a bunch of big wave beaches. Check this list of the top 7 big wave beaches in Indonesia as your next holiday reference!

7 Beaches in Indonesia with Big and Powerful Waves

1. Plengkung Beach, Banyuwangi

This beach must be inserted as one of the best big waves beaches in Indonesia. The Plengkung Beach is located at Grajagan Bay, Alas Purwo National Park Banyuwangi. The waves of Plengkung Beach is claimed as the second-best waves in the world after Hawaii. The waves at Plengkung Beach can reach 6 meters high.

2. Nemberala Beach, Rote

Pantai dengan Ombak Terbesar di Indonesia - Pantai Nemberala Rote

After Plengkung Beach, we have Nemberala Beach in Rote. The beach located in Rote Ndao Regency is always attracting many surfers who want to catch the gigantic waves. Not only has wonderful and heavy waves, but Nemberala Beach also has amazing natural scenery.

3. Suluban Beach, Uluwatu

Pantai dengan Ombak Terbesar di Indonesia - Pantai Suluban Uluwatu

One of the best surfing locations in Indonesia is Suluban Beach in Uluwatu, Bali. The beach is definitely one of the best places for surfers to get an adrenalin rush. This beach is quite near the famous Uluwatu Temple.

4. Sipora Island, Mentawai

The Mentawai Islands Regency in West Sumatera has Sipora Island with big waves beaches. You can get the largest waves here from April until October.

5. Watu Karung Beach, Pacitan

Pantai dengan Ombak Terbesar di Indonesia - Pantai Watu Karung

Not only has the famous Plengkung Beach, but East Java Province also has the amazing Watu Karung Beach in Pacitan. The huge waves at this beach can reach 4 meters high on average. If you want to come to this beach, just visit Pringkutung, Pacitan.

6. Tanjung Setia Beach, Lampung

Lampung has the amazing Tanjung Setia Beach as one of the most popular beaches with big waves in Indonesia. The Tanjung Setia Beach is one of the most favorited beaches in Indonesia to be visited by world-class surfers. The waves can reach 7 meters high. If you want to visit the beach, do not forget to prepare your mental and physical condition because of the long journey to reach this tourist attraction.

7. Ombak Tujuh Beach, Sukabumi

West Java has Ombak Tujuh Beach as a perfect place for surfing. The nice combination of wonderful natural scenery and layered waves make Ombak Tujuh Sukabumi so interesting to be visited while having a holiday in Sukabumi. Do you want to visit the beach and try to conquer the waves?

Okay, now you have got the list of the top 7 big waves beaches in Indonesia. Plan your holiday right now by booking your flight tickets at!