Night Culinary Experience in Surabaya for Food Lovers

As the largest city in the heart of East Java, Surabaya has never run out of charm. You can find so many historical sites here such as Monkasel (Submarine Monument) or Majapahit Hotel (formerly known as Yamato Hotel). You can also find places for shopping like Tunjungan Plaza and Ciputra World, or Surabaya cuisine at night.

If you happen to be in Surabaya, you don’t need to worry when you get hungry at night. When you do, you can visit some of these culinary spots below. These food stalls sell Surabayan legendary food that open from midnight to serve the hungry stomachs.

1. Nasi Cumi Waspada

First, let’s go to Jalan Waspada that’s located next to Pasar Atom. Here, you can find a food stall that, despite it’s midnight, is still crowded with visitors. In fact, you may have to get into a long line to eat a plate of nasi cumi (calamari rice) here. The visitors are not only from Surabaya, but also from other towns.

The main course of this food stall is calamari rice which without a doubt is very delicious. You can try the dish that only cost around Rp20,000. You will get a plate of rice, calamari, noodles, eggs, fried paru, and rempeyek. Eating at Nasi Cumi Waspada will make you full, satisfied, and also sleep well.

2. Sego Sambel Mak Yeye

If you are a spicy food lover, you should try to eat at Sego Sambel Mak Yeye. This place serves a plate of rice, tempeh, omelet, iwak pe (stingray), and of course the very tasty special chili sauce that will satisfy your spicy appetite. You will crave for more because a portion of the chili sauce will not be enough.

Sego Sambel Mak Yeye is open from 22.00 p.m and closed when the stall runs out of the food. This stall sells simple food but the taste is very tempting. And if you want to try this unique cuisine, you can come to Jalan Jagir Wonokromo Wetan no.12 or simply north of Darmo Trade Center, Wonokromo.

3. Rawon Pecel Pucang

Pecel and Rawon are two traditional foods of East Java, especially Surabaya. But what will happen if you mix these two different dishes together? Well, maybe you will feel a little bit strange, but the Rawon Pecel Pucang did it and it will make you think otherwise. The food is very delicious that will make you come again.

Rawon Pecel Pucang is open at 22.00 every day. The stall is located at Jalan Pucang Anom, in front of Moro Seneng Fabric Shop. In here you can get a plate of rice with the pecel above and poured with rawon. You must try the delicious Rawon Pecel Pucang yourself.

4. Pecel Ambulance Bu Hana

Usually pecel is served in the morning for breakfast. But in the corner of Surabaya, pecel is served at night, even at midnight. This pecel stall owned by Bu Hana is open at 23:00. The stall called Pecel Ambulance because there is an ambulance siren in front of the cart which is installed to indicate that the stall is open.

Every night, Pecel ambulance Bu Hana serves hundreds of hungry guests. Here, pecel rice is served with a variety of side dishes, such as oseng-oseng usus, omelet, perkedel, rempeyek, and other fried foods. And don’t forget to be patient, you have to get in a quite long line to order one portion of complete pecel.

5. Bubur Ayam Mang Dudung

The last night culinary cuisine you should try when in Surabaya is Bubur Ayam Mang Dudung. Located at Jalan Kedungdoro Surabaya, it opens at 24.00 every day. Even though it is open at midnight, loyal customers of this small shop are always waiting and willing to stand in line to eat very delicious porridge.

Warm porridge is usually served with a raw egg placed on top. If you don’t like raw eggs, then you can ask for another topping. It is better to come earlier, about one hour early so you don’t have to queue up too long to get a portion of this legendary chicken porridge.