New Year’s Eve Experience


10 Countries with the Most Memorable New Year’s Eve Experience

New Year’s Eve Experience – New year is coming. We’re at the end of the year again, and soon we will celebrate the new year. Maybe some of sobat tiket want to experience a whole different new year’s eve that you have never experienced before. Maybe all that you want is to make a new year’s eve moment that will not be forgotten.

But where should we go to get the most memorable new year’s eve experience? Where is the cool destination to celebrate it? Well, ask no more, because we have summarized the most amazing new year celebrations from various parts of the world. Go on, plan your vacation right away so you would be able to visit these cool destinations to get the best new year’s eve experience.

The Best New Year’s Eve Experience Around the World

Choosing a place to celebrate new year’s eve is both easy and hard task, because you can only celebrate it once a year and you have to get the best impression out of it. In these following places, you can enjoy the amazing fireworks that’s fired into the night sky, to the excitement of the event until the new year’s sun begins to rise. Check out the list of cool destinations to get the best new year’s eve experience around the world.

1. Sydney, Australia

New Year’s Eve Experience

Sydney, Australia, is one of the big cities that starts the tradition of celebrating the new year’s eve right at midnight. The new year celebration event then enlivened by a fireworks display that fired near the Sydney Harbor, where the Opera House and Harbor Bridge become a very beautiful landscape.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

New Year’s Eve Experience

This high population city invites everyone from all over the world to celebrate new year’s eve together at the Central World Square. Everyone who has gathered here will be entertained with light shows, live music, and video screen that shows new year celebrations in other countries. When it’s midnight, you will see a fireworks display that complements your new year’s eve experience there.

3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

New Year’s Eve Experience

You can get the most lovely new year’s eve experience in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At KLCC Park, you can see the fountain show, beautiful lake views, and also the very iconic Petronas Tower. This place is perfect for celebrating new year’s eve with friends or family.

4. Singapore

New Year’s Eve Experience

If you want to have new year’s eve experience in Singapore, you can come to Marina Bay to look forward to the fantastic fireworks display. Here you can also see views of the Marina Bay Sands hotel building, the very famous Singapore Flyer, and the Supertree Grove. This place will be very busy. However, you can be sure that you will get an unforgettable new year’s eve experience in Singapore.

5. Hong Kong

New Year’s Eve Experience

The sky view in Hong Kong is indeed very romantic and will give you a deep impression. And along with an amazing new year’s fireworks display, it will make the sky view even more stunning to see. To enhance your impression to a higher level, you can go to the 118th floor at The Ritz-Carlton and enjoy a new year’s fireworks display from a high place.

6. New York, US

New Year’s Eve Experience

Times Square in New York is indeed a highly recommended place to get the best new year’s eve experience. That’s because this place has different atmosphere unlike the other cities around the world. Here you can see many shows along with other New Yorkers and wait for the main menu of the new year’s eve, a fireworks display that will illuminate the beauty of the New York sky.

7. London,  UK

New Year’s Eve Experience

Londoners celebrate new year’s eve in a way that is no less interesting than other countries. You can have your best new year’s eve experience in London and see how magnificent Big Ben is in the middle of the night touched by amazing colorful fireworks. Of course this place will add an unforgettable new year’s eve experience for you.

8. Berlin, Germany

New Year’s Eve Experience

Berlin, as the capital of the Germany has an excellent reputation for being the choice to get the best new year’s eve experience for everyone. With that reputation, you can imagine how amazing the new year party is held every year in Berlin. Here you can find lots of exciting events like laser shows, party tents, music stages, and many others. Then to signify that the year has changed, you will see spectacular fireworks in the sky of Berlin.

9. Las Vegas, US

New Year’s Eve Experience

Here you can blend with thousands of other people to rejoice and celebrate the new year. On the new year’s eve, the streets of Las Vegas will be closed for any vehicles and filled with parties, from band performances, laser shows, to very spectacular fireworks. You don’t need to worry to find an exciting place because all places offer a very lively show.

10. Paris, France

New Year’s Eve Experience

Paris as The City of Light has something to give you so you can have the best new year’s eve experience. When you have decided to spend the new year’s eve in here, you can watch the Eiffel Tower transformed into a light show and also enlivened with fantastic fireworks. As the show starts, you know that you won’t forget of what you are going to witness in there.

Make the Most of This New Year’s Eve

Well, that’s the list of places where you can have the best new year’s eve experience. If you are free to choose a place to celebrate new year, which country will you choose to get the most memorable experience? This article about places with the best fireworks around the world might help you to decide. When you have decided where you want to go, then you can book cheap flight tickets at to go there.