Bangka Belitung Tourist Destinations


The Most Stunning Bangka Belitung Tourist Destinations

You can’t deny that Bangka Belitung is one of the Provinces in Indonesia which has many amazing island. The beauty of the islands makes Bangka Belitung as a favorite destination for tourists. The province that makes Pangkal Pinang as its capital city indeed offers a diversity of exotic islands which makes you want to come any sooner.

For those who are looking for year-end holiday destination, Bangka Belitung can be a perfect choice to be visited with your family, friends, or spouse. Tourist attractions in Bangka Belitung is indeed the right place if you want a calm beach atmosphere and away from the crowds.

Have you decided to go on a vacation in Bangka Belitung, and ready to explore the tourist attractions of Bangka Belitung? Don’t forget to order flight tickets to Bangka Belitung at and enjoy a variety of benefits like discounts. Now, it’s time for us to find out about tourist references in Bangka Belitung that must be visited.

The Enchanting Beauty of Tourist Destinations in Bangka Belitung

1. Kaolin Lake

Not only it is well known for its beach tourism, Bangka Belitung also has beautiful lake. One of the most popular lakes is the Kaolin Lake, which is known as a lake that has pure white land and a mixture of clear blue water tosca green water. The water in Kaolin Lake is able to reflect beautiful sunshine.

Bangka Belitung Tourist Destinations

If you come to this spot, it is guaranteed that you will be mesmerized and hard to blink. This place is basically a tin mining area, because it’s already dredged up and finally abandoned. But it turns out, nature touches it perfectly and makes it a beautiful lake. If you are into photography, it is very important to make your way to Kaolin Lake and capture the beauty of this place. Absolutely instagenic!

2. Parai Tenggiri Beach

If you want to come to a tourist spot in Bangka Belitung that has a beautiful sunrise view, then you should come to Parai Tenggiri Beach. A fact that makes this place more amazing, this beach is directly adjacent to the South China Sea.

Bangka Belitung Tourist Destinations

You can enjoy your time being here without the need to hurry. Besides, there are also resorts here where you can spend nights as long as you want. With calm waves, Parai Tenggiri Beach is perfect for water activities such as diving or fishing.

3. Tongaci Beach

Tongaci Beach is a tourist spot in Bangka Belitung which is also the main destination for tourists. On this beach, you will not only see a view of the blue watery beach with its smooth white sand, but you can also see the turtle conservation, travel to the De Locomotief tourist spot, and visit the Garuda Museum which stores photos of colonial artifacts.

Bangka Belitung Tourist Destinations

Tongaci Beach is a favorite place for tourists because it has many interesting and very beautiful spots to be captured in a photo. Then at De Locomotief there is a spot with ornate Chinese umbrellas and lanterns that bring you like being in shades of Chinatown. In turtle conservation you can also interact directly with the turtles. Isn’t that lovely?

4. Mount Menumbing

Mount Menumbing, also known as Menumbing Hill, is a tourist spot in Bangka Belitung which became a place of exile of the first Indonesian President and Vice President, Bung Karno and Bung Hatta in 1948. On Mount with height of 355 meters above sea level, there is a guesthouse called Jati Wisata, which became the residence of Bung Karno and Bung Hatta during their exile.

Not only become a historical tourist spot, if you who want to get a picture of an impressive landscape, this place could be your perfect choice. Mount Menumbing is located in Muntok, West Bangka and this place has so many beautiful spots to be captured on your camera.

5. Bangka Botanical Garden

Besides mountains and beaches, there are also tourist attractions in Bangka Belitung that are as interesting as those places to visit. Bangka Botanical Garden (BBG) is a tourist destination in Bangka that is suitable to visit with your family. This agribusiness area offers a beautiful tourist spot with towering pine trees and of course instagenic.

Bangka Belitung Tourist Destinations

Not only that, in the Bangka Botanical Garden there is also used artificial reservoir from tin mining that is already abandoned. In this reservoir, you can go around using kayak. After being tired of playing and exploring this tourist spot, you can rest in the gazebo or wooden house available here while enjoying a glass of fresh milk.

So how is it? After seeing this tourist spot reference in Bangka Belitung, are you becoming more intrigued to immediately go on vacation to Bangka Belitung? Need another reference about the best tourist destinations? Here you go another reference of best Indonesia tourism that you must visit.