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6 Bandung Souvenirs You Must Get to Bring Home

Everybody in Indonesia knows that souvenirs are one of the items that you have to take home if you are on vacation somewhere. Although souvenirs have become a strong tradition in Indonesia, there are still some people who find it difficult to get good souvenirs from the places they are going to visit.

Traditional Bandung Souvenirs

If you want to go on a vacation to Bandung, you don’t need to worry because here you can find lots of choices of traditional Bandung souvenirs that are not only cheap but also has good quality. Apart from its uniqueness, Bandung also offers various kinds of souvenirs for you to take home, ranging from food, drinks, or other items. Here is a list of traditional Bandung souvenirs that you must bring home.

1. Peuyeum

Bandung Souvenirs

Peuyeum is fermented cassava and is often used as a seasoning. Some foods made from peuyeum include cakes, colenak, and es campur.

Not only that, you can also eat it directly without being cooked or added with anything. This Bandung souvenirs are very easy to find. One of the places you can visit is Cihampelas Street. Here you will find many traders who sell it on the roadside.

2. Brownies

Bandung Souvenirs

One of Bandung’s most famous souvenirs is brownies. It is not so difficult to find a place that sells these cakes. One of the famous brownie shops in Bandung is Prima Rasa which is located on Kemuning Street. Besides that you can also buy Amanda and Kartika Sari brownies on Juanda Street.

Prima Rasa is famous for its delicious taste of grilled brownies. Then Amanda’s brownies are famous for their delicious steamed brownies plus special toppings. Well, Kartika Sari is famous not only for its brownies, but also for a variety of other typical Bandung souvenirs.

3. Sundanese Batik

Bandung Souvenirs

Batik is a fabric made specifically with certain motifs using the method of attaching wax to the fabric. Although with the same manufacturing method, batik in several different regions in Indonesia has its own peculiarities. Some of these batik are made with different techniques, colors, motifs and patterns.

You can make Sundanese batik as one of the traditional Bandung souvenirs. You can buy various types of batik at the mall. But most of the batik is Javanese batik. For that you can come to Batik Komar on Sumbawa Street.

4. Shoes and Bags at Cibaduyut

Bandung Souvenirs

It will be very satisfying if you can buy bags or shoes from famous brands. But some of these brands sell at very high prices. Well, you can find the solution in the Cibaduyut area, Bandung. Here you can find lots of local bag and shoe merchants.

Most of the bags and shoes here are leather-made and are very suitable to be used as Bandung souvenirs. Made by local craftsmen, the products sold here are available at very affordable prices. For matters of quality, you don’t need to worry because you can compare it to a much more expensive product.

5. Factory Outlet Clothes

Bandung Souvenirs

Bandung is very famous for its plentiful factory outlets and is spread almost everywhere. For tourists who come to this city and want to complete their vacation by shopping, then you can go to one of these factory outlets. Here you can find lots of clothing models at affordable prices.

Some of the favorite places that are often visited include the Dago, Cihampelas, and Riau street. The clothes sold here are mostly designed by local designers. Well, you can also buy some clothes as souvenirs from Bandung.

6. Wayang Golek

Bandung Souvenirs

Wayang golek is a typical puppet of Sundanese culture. This puppet is made of wood which is then painted in full color and fitted with various kinds of accessories such as clothing and jewelry.

Puppets consist of two types, which are wayang golek with 3-dimensional shapes originating from Sundanese, and wayang kulit with 2-dimensional shapes originating from Central Java and East Java. You can choose wayang golek as a typical Bandung souvenir to be displayed at home.

Easy to Find, Affordable at Price

Famous for the nickname “Paris van Java”, the city of Bandung offers many choices whether it’s food or items to take home as souvenirs of Bandung. You can get several choices of souvenirs above, of course. Do not miss also the article about tourist attractions in Bandung which is very exciting. You can order cheap hotels on tiket.com.