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10 Culinary Attraction in Bandung That You Must Try!

Bandung Culinary – Do you agree, that Bandung is a cool city for culinary tourism? Well, besides having many interesting tourist attractions, Bandung is also famous for its culinary delights. So, it’s really very suitable for you who want to vacation to tourist attractions while receiving Bandung cuisine.

As a city that is always crowded with tourists from various other cities, it’s no wonder that Bandung always has new destinations, including culinary matters. What is your favorite Bandung culinary?

There are lots of Bandung culinary that you can enjoy while you are in this Flower City, starting from typical snacks, to culinary places in Bandung that are suitable for gathering with family. No need to be confused about where to eat in Bandung. Here are 10 culinary attractions in Bandung that can be your reference to visiting Bandung culinary.

Bandung Culinary, Not Complete If You Don’t Go Here

  1. Paskal Food Market

Paskal Food Market is a Bandung culinary place that is a favorite of tourists or local tourists for culinary and hangout. In this place, there are more than 50 food stalls serving a variety of foods at low prices. Not only types of Indonesian food, but also a menu of Chinese food and Japanese food that you can taste.

Kuliner Bandung - Paskal Food Market

The atmosphere is comfortable, plus the live music entertainment makes this place more crowded. Not only for young people, you who go to Bandung with your family can also make Paskal Food Market as your Bandung culinary destination. You can go to Paskal Hyper Square, Jl. Pasir Kaliki No.25-27 to enjoy culinary in this place.

  1. Kampung Daun

Kampung Daun presents unique and interesting Bandung culinary attractions. Bandung culinary place located in Villa Triniti Housing Block RR1 Jl. Sergeant Bajuri No.88 Km.4,7 has the concept of a typical Sundanese dining place. This eating place is perfect if you make it a place to eat for families, especially if you come here with parents.

Kuliner Bandung - Kampung Daun

Eating in Kampung Daun will make you feel like you are in the countryside with a calm, cool and certainly quiet atmosphere. This restaurant also has the concept of saung lesehan with a roof like straw. The most exciting time to come to Kampung Daun is in the evening to night. Anyway, you must come to this place when you are in Bandung.

  1. Maja House

This one Bandung culinary is suitable for young people. Maja House can be your choice to eat in a romantic place with beautiful views of Bandung City. It’s best if you come in the late afternoon, and when it’s sunny. So, you can choose seats in the outdoor area while looking at the scenery that makes the atmosphere more romantic.

Kuliner Bandung - Maja House
Source: http://majagroup.co.id/


When it comes to food, you don’t need to worry about the taste and price. In Maja House, you can get good food at affordable prices. Apart from that, there is live music entertainment too, which can make your meal more enjoyable. Just stop by at Jl. Sergeant Bajuri No. 72 Canal.

  1. Dago Tea House

Dago Tea House, or what was known as Dago Thee Huis in colonial times was a culinary tourist spot in Bandung that was cool for tea. In addition, Bandung culinary is also a place to enjoy the scenery with the cool air. Aside from being a culinary tour, Dago Tea House is also known as a place to hold various events or art performances, especially with cultural themes typical of Sundanese and West Java.

Kuliner Bandung - Dago Tea House

This restaurant is a restaurant that is very suitable if you comes with family. You can get a pleasant atmosphere to relax at this Dago Tea House. You can feel the traditional touch of traditional Sundanese here.

  1. Roemah Nenek Resto Cafe

For you who are on vacation with family, you will always find a family-friendly place to eat, right? Well, Roemah Nenek Resto Cafe can be your culinary destination when in Bandung. This Bandung culinary has a restaurant concept that is very unique, namely with a classic modern theme. You can see it from this restaurant building that still uses wood material at some points.

Kuliner Bandung - Roemah Nenek Resto Cafe

Even so, the food served at Roemah Nenek Resto Cafe also includes a number of western menus, such as pizza, steak, pasta, salads, soups, and several other menus. You can go to Jl. Cibeunying Selatan Park No. 47, Riau, Bandung to taste this one Bandung culinary menu.

  1. Rice Kalong

This dining place located at R.E Martadinata No. 57 is a famous culinary tour in Bandung. As the name implies, Nasi Kalong does start operating at night until early morning. So, for you who are insomnia and starving, can stop by this one place to eat. Claiming to be a healthy menu, the rice served in this place is only brown rice. At the Nasi Kalong, you can take your own food menu, a.k.a self-service. There are many menus that you can choose with different menus every day.

  1. The Peak Resort Dining

Want to enjoy culinary tourism with beautiful scenery and romantic atmosphere? The Peak Resort Dining can be your choice, buddy. This restaurant cafe is a 3-story glass-walled building. This unique concept for a restaurant makes The Peak a culinary tourist destination favored by tourists.

Kuliner Bandung - The Peak Resort Dining
Source: http://www.thepeakresortdining.com/

When eating here, you can simultaneously see the beautiful scenery of Mount Burangrang, Gunung Putri Lembang, and also Jayagiri from the northern part of this restaurant. Aside from being a restaurant and cafe, The Peak is also commonly used as a venue for a wedding or private parties. In fact, this place is also claimed to be the most complete place to drink wine in Bandung.

  1. Raja Rasa

Kuliner Bandung - Raja Rasa

Want to eat seafood while in Bandung? Stop by Raja Rasa on Jl. Setraria No.1, Sukarasa, buddy. In addition to serving Sundanese specialties, in Raja Rasa, you will also find a variety of seafood-based foods. Hmm, the right choice is if you suddenly want to eat seafood, but you don’t know where to eat delicious seafood in Bandung. The building design which is dominated by wood does indeed show a thick traditional Sundanese side. This dining place also provides a wide selection of packages that you can choose with flavors that are definitely delicious!

  1. Bale Gazebo

Come to Bandung to taste the typical Sundanese food menu that can shake the tongue? Bale Gazebo is the solution. In this place to eat, you will really feel like you are in the countryside with a menu that is available typical of West Java. In addition to having a restaurant concept, the food menu is also very characteristic of Sundanese food, such as Timbel Bakar Rice, Nasi Liwet, Nasi Tutug Oncom, Sayur Asem, Fish, and Lalapan. Hemm, are you really not hungry to imagine it?

  1. Surabi Waroeng Setiabudi

Setiabudi is known as an area that sells delicious Surabi types of food. Surabi Waroeng Setiabudi is one of the Surabi eating places that you must visit while in Bandung. Even though it’s called Warung Surabi, but you will not only find Surabi’s special food menu. You can also order other menus such as meatballs if you don’t want to try Surabi.

Kuliner Bandung - Surabi Waroeng Setiabudi
Source: http://waroengsetiabudhi.com

The types of Surabi are also very diverse, ranging from sweet Surabi to salty, the choice of toping is very diverse and very recent, buddy. Well, if you are in Bandung and around Setiabudi, don’t forget to stop by and taste the Surabi menu at Surabi Waroeng Setiabudi.

So, how, buddy? Now you already know where to go to eat when you arrive in Bandung later? Culinary tourism in Bandung, it is most relaxing to rent a car in Bandung at tiket.com! Want to travel around Indonesia? Don’t forget to read 10 Indonesia’s Anti Mainstream Destinations as your reference.