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7 Awesome Things You’ll Find Only in Amsterdam

The capital city of Netherland, Amsterdam, is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. The largest city in the country is a port city with massive development in trade and tourism. You can choose the beautiful Amsterdam while having a holiday in Europe. Moreover, Netherland is a part of the Schengen area. Once you know how to make a Schengen visa, you can enter 25 Schengen countries, including Netherland.

If you are interested to have a trip to Amsterdam, this is the list of 7 awesome things to do in the capital city of Netherland. Check this out!

7 Interesting Things to Find in Amsterdam

1. The “I Am Sterdam” Icon

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One of the most popular icons in Amsterdam is “I Am Sterdam” letters at the back of Rijksmuseum, near the Amsterdam Museum, at the Museum Square, and at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Do not forget to take impressive photos at the side of the popular Amsterdam’s icons.

2. The Bicycles

The capital city of the Netherlands has thousands number of bicycles. Amsterdam was awarded as the Most Bicycle Friendly City in the World. So, it is not very surprising if, at several public areas in Amsterdam, you casually can see so many bicycles are parked.

3. Cheese Stores

Liburan ke Amsterdam - Toko Keju

You are a cheese-lover? If yes, you can plan to visit Amsterdam at least once in your lifetime. There will be no right reason for you, the cheese-lover, for having a nice holiday in the capital city of the Netherlands. Those are various cheese stores in Amsterdam, including Henri Willig Kaas, Old Amsterdam Cheese Store, Cheese&More, and so on.

4. Water Canals

Liburan ke Amsterdam - Kanal Air

Not only in Venice, Italia, you can also find water canals in Amsterdam. The city has more than 100 km long water canal with 1.500 bridges. The most famous canals in Amsterdam are Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht. Sometimes, Amsterdam is remarked as Venice of the North because of the water canals over the city.

5. Floating Flower Market

Have you ever visited a floating market? Are you interested to visit a floating market where you can find various flowers over there? One of the most famous floating flower markets in Amsterdam is located at the Singel canal, Amsterdam.

6. Taste the Traditional Dutch Foods

Liburan ke Amsterdam - Cicipi Makanan Khas Belanda

Having your holiday in Amsterdam, do not forget to taste various traditional Dutch foods, such as Hutspot, Waterzooi, Ontbijtkoek, Herring fish, Rijstafel, and many more. Are you interested to get a food-coma while visiting the Netherlands?

7. Old Windmill

Liburan ke Amsterdam - Kincir Angin Kuno

While visiting Amsterdam, bring your step to De Gooyer Windmill, one of the most famous old windmills in the capital city of the Netherlands. This old windmill was built since 1725 and remarked as one of the Netherland’s national monument.

That is the list of top 7 interesting things that you will find only in Amsterdam. Plan your trip to Amsterdam and book your flight tickets to Amsterdam at!