Gimana Cara Bilang OTW tanpa Nyakitin Perasaan


5 Amazing Ways Using Word “On The Way”

When making a plan with a friend or loved ones, the waiting part is always one of the things that can be irritating. Surely sobat tiket often say this catchphrase when replying a chat which none other than OTW or On The Way. This term is very common to use when someone hasn’t arrived at its destination.

Do you know that there are amazing yet crazy ways to use “On The Way” for your daily life to your friend or even loved ones, so they won’t feel annoyed? Wanna know more, check this out!

5 Tips for Using “OTW” In Your Daily Life

1. Honesty is Major!

Example: “I’m on my way, bro! On The Way to the bathroom and then getting ready ”

Thousands of reasons we often use to avoid all kinds of problems in our life. Especially when you’re on an appointment with friends and it turns out you still at home getting ready. Wow, congratulations, mate! You are so doomed!

Uh, wait a minute, don’t be sad, sobat tiket! Instead of confused thinking about one thousand reasons you might use, here are the first tips, be honest. Yes, sometimes honesty brings relief even though there is anger that follows later. But this is better than lying that you just woke up or still at home.

2. Using traffic jams as a reason (Only if it’s real traffic)

Example: “Still on my way gurl! Jakarta is so packed with the car, I’m so done!”

Many of you probably saying on the way too often when trapped in traffic jams. It’s not wrong because the street in the downtown area is crueler than stepmother (fact!). Especially if sobat tiket are used to having personal vehicles for daily activities. Wow congratulations mate, you are strong hahaha!

The second tips are that if you really are on the way, you could say traffic on the road. Indeed, this is very classic reasons though. Because if we speaking about capital city, especially Jakarta, there is no day without traffic jams. In order for this reason, you can send photos of traffic jam situations.

3. Bring Them Food

Example: “Wait, I’m on my way with a sweet Martabak for you!”

Well, this one is suitable for you who are making your friends or loved ones angry with you. They made an appointment at a certain time but you messed it up. Once you finally meet them, prepare for the thunderstorm coming, lol!

You can anticipate this burst of anger by giving them food surprises. Make sure you bring their favorite food so they won’t attack you with anger. Guaranteed, instead of being angry, surely they will be shocked by your surprise, so sweet…

4. Make a cheesy yet romantic words

Example: “I’m still on the way dear, on the way becoming your life mate … Aw”

For those of you who are often late when it comes to meeting with loved ones, here are tips that might be useful for you. If you are always haunted by so many nonsense questions about where you are and with whom, this is the magical answer!

You can say you are on the way but continue that with cheesy word that makes your loved one flatter so much. Sounds silly indeed, but this trick is suitable for making the atmosphere become less tense. As a result, they can be even more angry with you. How come? Yes, they are getting angry that doesn’t want you to be taken away by other people. Well played, mate…

5. Say the OTW but it’s the Online Tiket Week from

Example: “Its OTW, Online Ticket Week, from! Ha ha ha “

Finally, this OTW is different from the other, sobat tiket. Usually the catchphrase OTW is On The Way, but this OTW is to help you to get a ticket to beautiful vacation, Online Tiket Week from Yep, Online Ticket Week comes again for you with signature Harga Gledek!

If you are chatting with friends or loved ones, now you can say that this OTW will make them surprised to see’s Harga Gledek. Like a thunder stuck during a thunderstorm, once you see the price for an airplane ticket or a hotel room for vacation, you will be shaken!

It’s time to get Harga Gledek!

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Who’s missing Online Tiket Week from ??? Well, get ready for Harga Gledek again for airline tickets also the hotel. Hurry up to install the app and brace yourself to join Online Tiket Week starting from March 25th 2019 at 08.00 AM.

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